Henry the Fifth and the Hundred Years War influence on England

The Hundred Years War and Henry V caused prime events in history in Europe, changing the lives of citizens in England. The Hundred Years War started because King Edward the Third claimed to be the ruler of France in 1337, which angered France. The War ended in 1453 and King Henry V became king in 1413. Henry the Fifth’s involvement in the Hundred Years War shaped England” s culture by conquering Normandy (modern day France) and winning the Battle of Agincourt and language by changing the national language and foreigners influencing citizens.
The Hundred Years War had an important impact on England. The English victory at the Battle of Agincourt was significant. First, the English were outnumbered about 5:1, yet they still won. This event made the victory very surprising and uplifting for England. Also, the English army wasn’t winning the war at this point, but after this, things started going better because they had more motivation to fight. Next, the battles fought in the Hundred Years War were done in both England and Normandy. This event is significant because since the two countries were constantly interfering with each other, trade of products and ideas was common between the two. Also, victorious military strategies were mimicked by each other. The Hundred Years War was very important because it changed England in multiple ways.
Henry V, King of England, influenced English language and culture. First, when Henry V heired to the throne, they were conquered by Normandy. He eventually regained the control of England and reconquered Normandy. Since the Normans spoke French, they changed England's national language to French. Because of this, people in England who didn’t speak English had to learn it such as people born before England controlled Normandy but after England was controlled by the Normans. Also, many works of literature had to be translated back to English after Henry V gained control. Henry V heired to the French throne in May of 1420. After this, some people moved from different countries to England when they saw how well he could rule. Even though these immigrants didn’t bring that much with them, they still brought their customs, language, and ideas. These spread through Europe and changed how people spoke and did things. But, since they moved to a foreign area, often with unfamiliar climates and geography, they also brought illnesses they carried. Travelers didn’t have to be actually sick to carry disease, so they weren’t trying to spread it, it just happened. Citizens of England whose immune systems had never seen anything like this were unable to fight off these diseases and many English people died from illnesses such as the black plague. Henry V played a large role in shaping English language and culture.
The Hundred Years War and Henry V changed daily life in England. First, the treaty of Troyes cause Henry V to heir to the French throne. After this happened, he changes some laws such as the national language. Because of this, anyone who did not speak English had to learn to speak this language. It was rare, but some schools opened up for people to learn English. Also, this English success was exciting for England, and the people were overall happy. Henry the fifth was a good and popular military leader. This was well known throughout the lands. Since people trusted him, more people joined the army making the English force stronger. Also, after he died War started in England over the next leader because he was a very strong leader who was hard to top. The Hundred Years War and King Henry V had an impact on life in England.
In conclusion, England’s culture was changed by conquering France and the Battle of Agincourt and language was shaped by changing the national language and foreigners traveling to England. During the Hundred Years War, culture was shared by the intermingling of soldiers in warfare. King Henry V conquered Normandy, then changed England’s national language from French to English. Culture and language were changed by both the Hundred Years War and Henry V in England.
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